The Board of Service and Outreach has been involved with the Huskie PowerPack program through Heartland Community School.  This program provides extra food to families on the weekends.  

Common goals...

1. To meet the needs of families by providing supplemental food.

2. To decrease the stigmas of needing help in our communities.

3. To be an entry point to help build resources for families.

This collaborative continues to explore new ways to achieve these goals.


Bring spiritual and emotional support to women at the York State Women's Penitentiary by giving of your time as a Bible study leader or acting as a mentor.  Call Linda Goertzen at 402-723-5749 for additional information.


Pat and Rad Houmphan are involved in evangelism and church planting among the Isaan people of northeastern Thailand.  The majority of Isaan, or Lao-Thai, practice Buddhism mixed with ancient animism.  A number of Isaans have become Christians.  The Living Water Church meets in several villages with believers coming from surrounding villages.  Outreach activities include a successful cow-lending project for economic development, medical missions, and English camp.  Connect with them on Facebook!


Ray Epp and Akiko Aratani live and work at Menno Village Japan, sharing farming duties with other workers throughout the year and invite anyone who is interested to come and learn about their vision of farming.  It's a way in which people share the joys and risks of farming by providing capital to the farm upfront and receiving produce directly from the farmer throughout the growing season via in-city deliveries.  "I think of [food deliveries] as being as much pastoral visits as they are delivering food," Epp says.  "Both are necessary.  Visiting families, getting to know them... we can share some things about our life and develop some long-term relationships through food."  Ray and Akiko have four sons.


Having just celebrated the 100 year anniversary of the Congo Mennonite Church, the connection with Bethesda is cherished and deep ties have formed.  Current projects include student support, literacy classes, sewing machines, church construction, building repairs and medical supplies.  If you have questions about Dayspring projects, give Ron Goertzen a call.


As a member of Central Plains Mennonite Conference, Bethesda has partnered with Ashland Christian Fellowship Church in Ashland, Montana, as a sister congregation.