Bethesda Women's Ministries' Mission is to empower women as we nurture our life in Christ through studying the Bible, using our gifts, hearing each other, and engaging in missions and service.  Our vision invites women across generations, cultures and places to share and honor our stories, care for each other and express our prophetic voice boldly as we seek to follow Christ.

2023 THEME

My Times are in Your Hands: Women and the Stewardship of Time

2023 BWM Brochure


Winter Sewing & Project Days take place on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays in January, February and March, 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.


January 10 & 24, 2023

February 14 & 28, 2023

March 14 & 28, 2023


Hand quilting, tying/stitching comforters, embroidering tea towels/pillowcases, crocheting/knitting prayer shawls, sewing projects for MCC

  • Lunch served @ 12:00 p.m. each sewing day
  • Cost of meal is $5 per person
  • A short devotional and announcements follow lunch
  • All are welcome to join us for the fellowship meal, even if you are unable to help with sewing
  • Come and go as your schedule permits
  • No sewing experience needed to share in spreading the Good News!
  • Bring a friend!!


Bethesda Women's Ministries meets on the "First Tuesday" of each month beginning in March @ 7:00 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall, with some exceptions.

MARCH 7: Time From God

APRIL 23: 5:00 p.m. Box Supper guest speaker, Diane Gubbels "Quilts & Stories of Inspiration"

MAY/JUNE/JULY:  No meetings during these months.

AUGUST 1: Time to Trust

SEPTEMBER 5: Time to Grieve

OCTOBER 4: Time to Claim and Use Power

NOVEMBER 7: Everything Has It's Time

DECEMBER 13: To be announced

OFFERINGS support the many ministries of BWM and Bethesda, MC USA, as well as organizations and ministries across the community and wider church.


January/February - Margaret Hiebner

March/April - Mary Hiebner

May/June - Brenda Hiebner

July/August - Nancy Friesen

September/October - Kathy Siebert

November/December - Lisa Tessman

Watch the bulletin for announcements for your birthday month gathering!



For more information on what is happening with Mennonite women's groups in the US and around the world go to


For over 20 years, Mennonite Women USA has been supporting women all over the world by giving them scholarships to pursue higher education in Bible Studies, Church Leadership, Theology, Peace Studies, etc.  About 140 women from over 30 countries have received scholarships.


Bethesda Women's Ministries prayer shawl ministry provides a tangible symbol of Bethesda's love and prayers for those who are hurting, facing health challenges or major life changes.

May each one who recieves a prayer shawl feel the warmth of the prayers from the church.

P.S. We have a large donation of yarn in the BWM material room if you knit or crochet prayer shawls.


FUNERAL SERVICE:  Funeral services at Bethesda always take precedence.  If a funeral is scheduled for a Sewing/Project Day, BWM will be moved to the Thursday of that week.

INCLEMENT WEATHER: BWM will follow the lead of Heartland Community School.  If HCS is closed due to weather, BWM will not meet but plan to reschedule for the Thursday of the same week.  

Early dismissal will postpone evening events.  

A late start will not affect BWM meetings.  

Along with following school closing announcements, BWM postponement information will be shared through the church office, church website @ and school website


Chair, Publicity: Carol Janzen

Vice Chair: To be announced

Recorder: Carol Ott

Treasurer: JoAnne Buller

Program Planning Co-Chairs: *Lin Friesen, *Marg Siebert, Velma Friesen, Sheila Huebert, Marlene Thieszen

Sewing/Project Day: 

Quilts - Shar Michel, Iris Peters

Comforters - Dorothy Balaban, Becky Buller, Lois Roberts, Lindy Siebert; 

Embroidery - Wilma Dick, Inez Hiebner

Devotionals: Marlene Thieszen

Hospitality Co-Chairs: *Arlyce Friesen, *Darlene Janzen, Carrie Bergen, Joan Friesen, Brenda Hiebner, Carol Hiebner, Carol Ott, Lela Regier

Ministry Options Chair: Shar Doell

Birthday Coffees: Virginia Peters

Care Center Programs: Arlyce Friesen

Comforters Short-Term Mission Workers: Dorothy Balaban

Flowers: Kathy Siebert

Friendship Ministry: To be announced

Prayer Shawls: Marion Friesen

Transportation: Linda Yoder, Carol Janzen