In the early years, the cemetery was known as the Mennonite Public Burial Grounds. The Bethesda Cemetery Association was formed in 1921 "to better care for

God's little acre." It was not owned by the church. Until 1930, small family plots

were surrounded by picket fences. After that, a Plat for Registry was made

to provide a system for burial by rows. In 1976, the cemetery deed was

conveyed to Bethesda and named Bethesda Mennonite Cemetery. 

Services have been held here every year on Memorial Day since 1934.

Cemetery Directory

The Cemetery Directory was built in 2012-2013, under the guidance of the Historical Committee and the Board of Business. Our hope is that it will make your search easier. The cemetery rows are numbered from 1 to 39, west to east. The plots are numbered from 1 to 54, north to south. The first number following a name is the row number, followed by the plot number.

Bethesda Sextons

Mark Friesen, Sexton

Marc Peters, Assistant Sexton

Joel Heinrichs, Assistant Sexton

•* Indicates Child

•+ Indicates Veteran