Local & Global Outreach...

In Matthew 28:18b-20, Jesus tells us to go and make disciples of all nations... teaching them the Gospel! 

The thing is, at times we feel lost - we don't know always know what it looks like to share the Gospel. 

Do we show it by modeling Christ's love to others?

Do we show it with care and compassion?

How do we tell them about Jesus?

Even if we don't have all the answers, Jesus tells us to go.  Often we have no idea where we are going.

But, if we trust in His promise that He is with us to the very end of the age,

He will make the path clear.

May everyone, in every nation, hear of the Good News of Jesus Christ! 

Huskie Powerpacks

Huskie PowerPacks is a joint effort between Heartland Community Schools, Henderson Food Mart, Henderson MB Church, Bethesda Mennonite Church and local families to provide supplemental weekend food assistance for families in the communities of Bradshaw and Henderson.

1.  To meet the needs of families by providing supplemental weekend food assistance.

2.  To decrease stigmas of needing help in our communities.

3.  To be an entry point to help build resources for families.


  1. Sign up for the backpack(s) you are filling - sign-up sheet located outside the church office.
  2. Shop for the list of non-perishable items.  NO GLASS CONTAINERS PLEASE.  Remember, you are welcome to use the stocked goods outside the church office to fill the backpack.
  3. Pick up the food vouchers and recipe cards from the table outside the church office and place in backpack.
  4. Wednesday/Thursday: Pick up an empty backpack from Sadie Coffey's office at Heartland Community School.  Wipe down the backpack inside and out with disinfecting wipe. Fill backpack with food items, food vouchers and recipes.
  5. Thursday/Friday:  Deliver filled backpack to Sadie Coffey or Jessica Tessman's office at school.

NOTE:  In the event of a short school week due to holiday's, etc., please plan to deliver your bag to school early.

Food donations may be left on the table outside the church office.

Questions may be directed to Jay Dee Janzen or Erin Sams.

Ashland Christian Fellowship Church

As a member of Central Plains Mennonite Conference, Bethesda has partnered with Ashland Christian Fellowship Church in Ashland, Montana, as a sister congregation.

Prison Ministry

Bring spiritual and emotional support to women at the York State Women's Penitentiary by giving of your time as a Bible study leader or acting as a mentor.  Call Linda Goertzen at 402-723-5749 for additional information.

Dayspring Congo

Having just celebrated the 100 year anniversary of the Congo Mennonite Church, the connection with Bethesda is cherished and deep ties have formed.  Current projects include student support, literacy classes, sewing machines, church construction, building repairs and medical supplies.  If you have questions about Dayspring projects, give Ron Goertzen a call.

Dayspring Menno Village Japan

Ray Epp and Akiko Aratani live and work at Menno Village Japan, sharing farming duties with other workers throughout the year and invite anyone who is interested to come and learn about their vision of farming.  It's a way in which people share the joys and risks of farming by providing capital to the farm upfront and receiving produce directly from the farmer throughout the growing season via in-city deliveries.  "I think of [food deliveries] as being as much pastoral visits as they are delivering food," Epp says.  "Both are necessary.  Visiting families, getting to know them... we can share some things about our life and develop some long-term relationships through food."  Ray and Akiko have four sons.

Dayspring Thailand

Pat and Rad Houmphan are involved in evangelism and church planting among the Isaan people of northeastern Thailand.  The majority of Isaan, or Lao-Thai, practice Buddhism mixed with ancient animism.  A number of Isaans have become Christians.  The Living Water Church meets in several villages with believers coming from surrounding villages.  Outreach activities include a successful cow-lending project for economic development, medical missions, and English camp.  Connect with them on Facebook!

Reach International

Dr. Sam Evans serves in the Philippines as a medical missionary doctor on the island of Mindanao in the southern Philippines.  He supplies the necessary medical skills, as he works together with a variety of national people groups and NGO's, helping to meet the vast need for medical care in isolated and remote areas.  He is compelled by the example of sacrificial love shown by Jesus, to respect all people, to serve them sacrificially, to love them unconditionally, and to work together towards hope for a brighter future.