Friends of Pastor Max

Advocates for Pastor Max continue to work to bring him back to the US legally.  Central Plains Mennonite Conference hopes to receive an answer on their petition by mid to late summer 2017.  Max has been living in Mexico with a valid visa.  His visa requires him to make periodic returns to Honduras.  April 6, 2017, when Max tried to return to Mexico, he was detained for 24 hours at the airport and sent back to Honduras due to new rules that do not allow people who have been deported from the US to live in Mexico.  His detention was all too reminiscent of the trauma he experiences in his deportation from the US almost exactly two years ago.

Please Max and his family in your prayers!

Actions you can take...

  • Sign the new petition.  Tammy Alexander of MCC Washington D.C. and Karla Stolzfus of First Mennonite Church in Iowa City created a new petition to DHS Secretary Jeh Johson.  Access the petition via
  • Call the Department of Homeland Security, asking for Max to be reunited with his family in the U.S. (202-282-8203).  See the website for detailed talking points.
  • Buy coffee and donate to the Villatoro Family Fund.  All profits go to the Villatoro Family Fund to help cover routine family expenses as well as costs incurred from the kids' visit to Honduras, legal fees, and more.  See the website for details.
  • Pray.  Pray with a group of friends or pray in solitude.  Pray for justice and for Max's return.  Prayer resources are available on Friends of Pastor Max's website.