Huskie PowerPacks

Huskie PowerPacks is a joint effort between Heartland Community Schools, Henderson Food Mart, Henderson MB Church, Bethesda Mennonite Church and local families to provide supplemental weekend food assistance for families in the communities of Bradshaw and Henderson.

Huskie PowerPacks main goals INCLUDE:

1.  To meet the needs of families by providing supplemental weekend food assistance.

2.  To decrease stigmas of needing help in our communities.

3.  To be an entry point to help build resources for families.


  1. Sign up for the backpack(s) you are filling - sign-up sheet located outside the church office.
  2. Shop for the list of non-perishable items.  NO GLASS CONTAINERS PLEASE.  Remember, you are welcome to use the stocked goods outside the church office to fill the backpack.
  3. Pick up the food vouchers and recipe cards from the table outside the church office and place in backpack.
  4. Wednesday/Thursday: Pick up an empty backpack from Sadie Coffey's office at Heartland Community School.  Wipe down the backpack inside and out with disinfecting wipe. Fill backpack with food items, food vouchers and recipes.
  5. Thursday/Friday:  Deliver filled backpack to Sadie Coffey or Jessica Tessman's office at school.

NOTE:  In the event of a short school week due to holiday's, etc., please plan to deliver your bag to school early.

Food donations may be left on the table outside the church office.

Questions may be directed to Jay Dee Janzen or Erin Sams.