Sunday School

  • Preschool - Grade 8
  • Sunday morning @ 10:40 a.m.

Faith experienced at an early age is the foundation for all other growth.  The good news we share with our children has the power to transform lives and revitalize communities.  So let's prepare the ground for a new tomorrow, send down roots anchored in love.  Let's sow in them seeds of mercy and plant them by the river of life.  Let's teach our kids to SHINE in this world!

The SHINE curriculum takes your child through important themes and Bible characters over a three-year period.


  • September - April
  • Preschool - Grade 6
  • Wednesday evenings @ 7:00 p.m.  
  • Feel free to bring a friend!

Using the Shine curriculum, we're looking at "Being God's People" as a way to connect with those in our community, nurturing our children's faith and experiencing God's love.  The Shine curriculum takes our children through important themes and characters of the Bible throughout the year.

Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School is held each year at Bethesda the first week of June.  Join us for an unforgettable Bible experience!!!!  

  • Memorize Bible verses
  • Apply what you learn to everyday life
  • Sing awesome songs
  • Make Jesus real to your child

Shalom Reader's Club

The Bible teaches us much about peace, love and justice. We believe that Christ mandated a new perspective and practice in response to these issues. The Hebrew word for this is “Shalom.” We hope that by reading these books you will discover new ways of looking at the world as you learn about people in other lands and other times.


How do I become a Shalom reader?

The Shalom Readers year begins

September 1 and ends July 31.

  1. Fill out the registration form and give it to the adult Shalom Reader's leader.  Cathy Wismer is the contact for Bethesda.  You may call her at 402-723-4708 or email her at if you have questions.
  2. Read, or have someone read to you, seven books from the Shalom Reader's list and write the titles on your record sheet (available from Cathy). Go to and click Book List.
  3. Create a book sharing about two of the books you have read. You may want to work with your parents or your SR leader. Some ideas are available on the registration form.
  4. When you have completed your sharing on two of the books you have read, you may select a book from the SR list to keep as your own!

Henderson Garage Party!

The churches in the Henderson community partner with one another to create a Christ-centered family friendly event which seeks to transform the evening of October 31 from a festival of fear and darkness to a celebration of God's blessing and faithfulness. 

Preschool/Sunday School Christmas Program

Sunday, December 9, 2018 @ 6:30 p.m. (Sanctuary)

Cookie Social following in Fellowship Hall

(Parents, please bring 2 dozen cookies to the church kitchen by 3:00 p.m.)