Wednesday evenings...

Beginning September 7, 2016 @ 7:00 p.m.


Welcome to "Mission:Possible!"

"Mission:Possible" teaches Biblical literacy in a fun and welcoming atmosphere. As children travel through the scripture they will be called to recognize the mission of God, and find their place in His plan.

The setting is the Spy Academy where children are referred to as "agents in training" as they prepare for service in the world. The agents (leaders) introduce the mission for the evening in a light and humorous way.

Each week's hour long program highlights a mission that was given to a Bible character and features songs, skits, class time, games and C.I.A. (Christians in Action) that help the children explore the evening's mission and how it relates to their life.  During this brief time, we invite those who have been on a service trip (it could be any kind - long term, short term, near, far, by yourself or in a group...) to share with the children about your experience.  We hope you will join us!

Midweek will meet for their final evening on April 5, 2017 to participate in the Annual Community Food Drive.

Shalom Readers Club...

The Bible teaches us much about peace, love and justice. We believe that Christ mandated a new perspective and practice in response to these issues. The Hebrew word for this is “Shalom.” We hope that by reading these books you will discover new ways of looking at the world as you learn about people in other lands and other times.


How to Participate in the Shalom Readers Club:

Adult leaders help children, age 4 through 8th grade, select and read books from a list compiled by professional educators reflecting core Christian values of peace and justice from an Anabaptist Mennonite perspective. A child who reads seven books and "reports" on two of them will earn a free gift book of his/her choice from the list. The list includes award-winning books available in public schools and church libraries, as well as from the Central Plains Mennonite Conference library. Over 270 titles have been carefully selected by professional educators, and are categorized in three age groups, with new titles added every year. Go to http://www.centralplainsmc.org/shalom-readers.html and click Book List. 

To print a current brochure, click here. 

How do I become a Shalom reader?

The Shalom Readers year begins

September 1 and ends July 31.

  1. Fill out the registration form and give it to the adult Shalom Reader's leader.  Cathy Wismer is the contact for Bethesda.  You may call her at 402-723-4708 or email her at eppwismer@yahoo.com if you have questions.
  2. Read, or have someone read to you, seven books from the Shalom Reader's list and write the titles on your record sheet (available from Cathy).
  3. Create a book sharing about two of the books you have read. You may want to work with your parents or your SR leader. Some ideas are available on the registration form.
  4. When you have completed your sharing on two of the books you have read, you may select a book from the SR list to keep as your own!


Bethesda Mennonite Church

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